Monday, March 14, 2011

Automatic Shortcut Viewer For Removable Storage Media In Desktop

You might have seen in Linux based OS like Ubuntu, whenever you insert a removable storage media in to your computer a shortcut to the storage device automatically appears in the desktop. If you are one of those who are keenly interested to get such feature in your Windows 7 or Windows XP or Windows Vista than have a rest on reading this article.

There are some free software that helps you to make this thing really possible. Upon researching various tools like these, I found one of them very useful and worthy to use.

This freeware I am talking about provide the user with automatic shortcuts to their USB and other drives that appear and disappear from the desktop as the user plugs their media in and out. The hero’s name is Desktop Media.

The best thing about this utility is that it uses very small amount of your Randomly Accessed Memory.
Automatic shortcut created
When drive is removed
Besides usual removable media shortcuts you can also add network shortcuts and even shortcut to your fixed drive.
To enable the plug and play shortcut just download and install the 300 KB file from the link below

The system tray icon will always show up in the system tray or notification area.
If you don’t want to see Desktop Media in system tray you can hide it from the options menu. Right click on the Desktop Media icon and choose Options, uncheck Show Tray Icon.
Hope this tutorial was helpful and useful.


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